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Mémoire des Origines (in collaboration with the design offices of the Karma Communication agency) put their teams of decorators and designers to serve and lead your professional or personal project, study, layout plans for concept stores, beach concept, guest house, hotel, restaurant…

Concept global ‘Déco et Com’: Mémoire des Origines has been developing for a few years, The "Deco et com" global concept in partnership with the KARMA communication agency.

From the study of the Deco concept to the global branding integrating the reflection on your communication concept, we manage the two entities in parallel. We allow you to limit the number of interlocutors and think alongside you about the GLOBAL concept of your establishment, from the layout concept to its communication concept by delivering you a global branding.


Groupe Karma

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A real step forward for the customer, we immerse ourselves in the project and grasp the objectives with your collaboration, through our stylistic study of current trends, the ever-changing consumption pattern associated with our market marketing analysis. We are able to provide a study of graphic trends, a research and audit on the concept, a visual identity adapted, a global branding that we will decline in collaboration with the agency KARMA communication on all communication media (website, brochure, applications, photo shooting…).

You have the project to open a Hotel, a restaurant, a beach, a bar, a disco… you still hesitate on the definition of its concept, its name, its visual identity or the colors and the style which will define the place? You plan to launch a first place that you want to anchor as a brand with a strong footprint, and why not decline other establishments.

Our Branding team of Mémoire des Origines  analyses trends and the evolution of stylistic trends. They will advise you before your project and, more precisely, on the creation of your identity, your logo and your brand. The imprint you leave is as important as the quality of the place you propose, Mémoire des Origines in collaboration with our design studio KARMA accompanies your communication concept and all its axes of declination: Logo, Sign, packaging, derived products… shooting photo of your establishment, brochures, films, stationery.

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